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Ndey Fatou Ceesay | Noir

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The International Fashion Prodigy

Ndey Fatou Ceesay, who grew her business from a local storefront to an international operation, which benefits from its partnership with the Italian fashion house, Diesel. After completing the program she was invited to exhibit at Fashion Weekend

Africa in London and Denmark. She is currently working on a collaborative project with three other clients, designed to promote Gambian fash...

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Ndey Fatou Njie | TIGA

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Borom WAX

In January 2016, I started developing the samples for what would become TIGA. Since then, I've grown creatively, and so has the TIGA, expanding into leisurewear, accessories, and home decor, all handmade with African wax fabric. Gambians spend Sundays enjoying the beautiful beaches that stretch across the coastline of our country. And though we pride ourselves on the vibrant colors of African w...

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