Ndey Fatou Ceesay

Manager at Noir

Ndey Fatou Ceesay
  • Profile
  • First NameNdey Fatou
  • Last NameCeesay
  • NationalityGambian
  • Business
  • StartupNoir
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The Noir Business

NOIR is an African inspired ready-to-wear fashion brand that is defined by West African artisanal technique and style but not a specific culture.   The 3 African artisanal techniques they use are free hand machine embroidery (grofill), Bai fall (patchwork) and hand beading all techniques used in Sub-Saharan Africa culture for centuries. Noir is coming up with something innovative and new, instead of applying these techniques to brocade and batik as has been done for centuries in West Africa they experiment with all fabric; lycra, silk, organza, cottons and other fabrics we feel can withstand the techniques without causing damage to the finished garment. Noir’s goal is to bring these techniques to a global level and to boost the potential of the business as an artisanal enterprise. Noir intends to attend more international catwalk show and begin to stock in international boutiques by next year. NOIR is color and alluring silhouettes, a signature that has made the brand a firm favorite with sophisticated clientele. They aspire to continue producing quality garments that capture as well as influence market trends, remain timeless globally and create ethnic sophistication.