Jainaba Faal

Manager at Sowe Pullo Design

Jainaba Faal
  • Profile
  • First NameJainaba
  • Last NameFaal
  • NationalityGambian
  • Business
  • StartupSowe Pullo Design
Jainaba's Bio

The Sowe Pullo Design Business

Sowe pullo design is a Gambian business that was established in 2013, The business started as a small local tailoring that designs very popular afro centric style with traditional wears for both male and female outfit an shoes, ear rings, bags an bangles. She has a unique taste for fabrics and ability to make a diverse range of clothing styles using only African fabrics into readymade traditional and modern styles, and my goal is to be one of the best traditional fashion designers from The Gambia. She developed her passion for fashion at a very young age always feeling good when she was dressed up in the usual European outfits. After few years she felt and realized that our own African fabrics are classy, strong, and flexible at the same time and been a trained tailor she was genuinely motivated to make both traditional and European fashion trends into our local fabrics. Her goal is to launch her first celebrated fashion brand by the end of her first year.